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“Over 25 Years of Therapeutic Experience​.”


“Comfortable Treatment Spaces.”

Registered (Fully Insured) Osteopath ✔️
Structural & Cranial Osteopath ✔️Massage Therapist ✔️

Looking for relief from pain, stress & tension? Having difficulty with a physical limitation? An integrative osteopathic approach can provide you an effective solution.

 Osteopathic Testimonials 

I combine use of massage, structural and cranial osteopathic techniques to help resolve any physical limitations, pain or discomfort that you may have. The guidance that I can offer as a life coach may also be of help.

I have been in practice for over 20 years now, providing Tailored Treatments for people of all ages, suffering a broad range of complaints. 

Text or call: 07862 732 112

Covid-19 Safety

We’re Open

We are taking every safety precaution during this Covid-19 crisis. Your safety is of the upmost importance, hence the installation of Radic8 Viruskiller in the treatment room (CNHC).

The Radic8 Viruskiller removes 99.9999% of all respiratory viruses and bacteria using photocatalytic oxidation and ultraviolet radiation.

In-house appointments are available at both Neals Yard Remedies (Islington) and The Canonbury Natural Health Clinic.

If you’re experiencing physical pain, joint limitation or other mechanical symptoms, but prefer to stay at home – an Online Osteopathic Consultation may be an ideal solution for you. You can expect Professional focused attention and Expert guidance from a highly Experienced Registered Osteopath.

I value empowering others with the necessary tools and understanding to create improvements to their own health and wellbeing.
~Kelly Mckay

Life Coaching

“Option to connect  from the Comfort of Your Home.”

Certified Life Coach ✔️
CBT & NLP Practitioner ✔️
Counselling Practitioner ✔️

Feeling stuck? Looking for ways to make changes in your life? In need of support through a difficult time? Is stress exacerbating your physical symptoms?

 Life Coaching Testimonials

My integrative coaching style could be just the kind of approach that you can really use!

I can help you gain greater clarity and purposeful direction in your life, or help your progression with resolving chronic symptoms through an integrated Mind and Body approach.

I offer an in-house and online service, so it really doesn’t matter which part of the globe your located.


Text or call: 07862 732 112


NYR: 295 Upper Street, Islignton, N1.

CNHC: 265 Upper Street Islington, N1.

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Osteopath and Integrative Life Coach serving the central London area:

Upper Street Islington ▪️ Highbury ▪️Canonbury ▪️ Angel ▪️Clerkenwell ▪️Barbican ▪️Essex Road ▪️Highgate ▪️Hackney ▪️Haringey ▪️Camden ▪️Online Life Coaching  for access worldwide.

A Mind & Body Approach.


TUSP Blog post on a range of topics surrounding physical and emotional wellbeing.

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“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment.” 
~Lao Tzu

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Kelly is a brilliant, incisive and compassionate healer. As well as being a fantastic osteopath she has an amazing ability to see the connection between thoughts, emotions and physical well-being. Her knowledge is great and her diagnosis is always on the money. I see her for back problems and the like, but always leave with my mind and spirit healed as well as my body. I cannot praise or recommend her highly enough.
Mike R
“Kelly McKay is simply the best Osteopath I've ever seen. She’s more than that, she’s a wonderful healer and life coach. Her calming energy means I always walk away feeling more positive about life. She’s incredibly wise, and she helps my body to rebalance and reduces my pain. An angel on earth.”
Justine J
Makeup Artist
“My first lifecoaching experience was very uplifting, instead of looking down on myself for not completing certain things or not being exactly where I want to be in life, I was given realistic ways to make it a reality.”
Soriyah M
“I’ve been seeing Kelly for over a year now and I always look forward to the experience. Between the lockdowns and WFH, my body is always stiff especially my lower back. First, she is extremely knowledgeable about the body and suggests at home exercises to help. The exercises sustain me in between visits. Second, her touch is the right amount of firm and delicate. I walk home feeling so refreshed, loose, and energetic. If it wasn’t too gluttonous I would make weekly appointments. I’d highly suggest giving her a go as your body will certainly thank you.“
Kadian G
“I can't recommend Kelly highly enough. I instantly felt a strong connection through her calm, spiritual and intellectual energy. I personally could not have thought of or trust someone better to help me through this journey of self exploration. Kelly is a naturally kind, compassionate and incredibly grounded. She listens without bias and judgement and guides you in such a way, which allows you to open up to see some of the deepest emotions and experiences buried deep inside that you may not even knew where there!”
Nav. G
“ I attend cranial appointments with Kelly McKay. She is a wonderful practitioner and it has changed my life. From recovering from an operation to overall heath and well-being. It is a highlight of any week going to see her because I always feel so energised and more grounded afterwards. Kelly is a very kind, understanding, gentle and knowledgeable lady who is a true asset to Neal's Yard.”
Rita H
Architects Assitant
“I must say I was not sure what will be the end result, but I am now blown away! You left me with lots of things to think about, you have simplified my thoughts into action plans, just in one session. I am looking forward to our second session.”
Nonceba. K
Business Owner
“Best osteopath I’ve ever had, she’s amazing, I have been treated by her in various locations for nearly twenty years, such a calming energy .. always there to resolve the issues I’m having physically and emotionally. I like to see an osteopath that practices both structural and cranial osteopathy as I always need both in a treatment to deal with the stresses, strains and pains of life...I always feel so much more balanced after a treatment. The upper street practice also has the added benefit of a radic8 viruskiller machine installed in the room which removes 99.9999% of all respiratory viruses and bacteria so being treated there feels very safe during the pandemic.”
Gill C
“I have come to Kelly for many years. She has always made me feel better in body and mind. Her knowledge inspires me with total confidence. I always come away from seeing Kelly feeling better in my body and mind. She heals, and she makes the world a better place.”
Robert B