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7 simple ideas on how to ground yourself—supporting mental clarity, improved vitality and wellbeing. It’s easy when you know how!


How to ground yourself, mental clarity, wellbeing, self empowerment.

7 Ways To Ground Yourself

At times, it can be necessary for us to make a conscious effort to step away from being  bombarded with Stress and overwhelm that we can easily become subject to in our day to day lives.

Maintaining a sense of groundedness is crucial to mental clarity and wellbeing — in fact, qualities such as patience, trust and self belief are all associated with groundedness. It’s certainly a quality that we could all use!

Let’s look at 7 things that we can do to cultivate a stronger sense of groundedness in our lives.

1. Natural Grounding spaces

We’ve all experienced the restorative — healing affect of being surrounded by nature. Those moments sitting by the beach watching the rolling waves, or walking through a woodland. They bring such peace while initiating a deep sense of awareness and connection within ourselves — effortlessly raising our level of vitality and feeling of wellbeing. 

There’s definitely something powerful in connecting with nature, something that can cause us to feel Grounded And Centred — an experience that words cannot fully convey. 

So this one’s easy — make time to relax in natural spaces and allow nature take care of the rest!

Pembrokeshire, South Wales

2. Creativity Can Be Grounding

There’s nothing better than losing yourself creative ventures that excite you or evoke your passions. It’s a great way to become fully present in the ‘here and now’ as we let go of mental pressures in favour of joyfully flowing in our creativity. 

The beauty of creativity lays in the infinite possibilities in the ways in which we are able express it. From music, dance, drama, art and crafts to poetry, Complementary Therapies, tarot reading and hairstyling — there’s literally something for all of us. It’s really a case of discovering what really captivates your attention!

Maybe it’s time you connected to your creative side? 

3. Grounding Exercise

Physical exercise is one of those pursuits that can really cause us to let go — particularly when done mindfully.

Mindful forms of exercise such as YogaTai Chi And Qigong are a sure way to heighten the senses, increase self awareness and encourage greater attunement with the environment. Our sense of presence increases as we go further into the practice, so it’s a great way to disrupt any mental overactivity and encourage a sense of groundedness — among the many other benefits. 

But actually, any exercise can be done with a degree of mindfulness! It’s all about maintaining an intention of ‘present awareness’ and ’connection’ throughout. 

Are you ready to mindfully take your exercise to the next level?

Tai Chi Form - Shifu Yang

‘To nourish health and life by distributing Qi, and adjust the posture to facilitate flow. Direct the Qi throughout the body to dredge the channels, moisten the flesh, and regulate the organs.’

~Records of Taoist Essence Preservation

4. Grounding Food Choices

What we eat can have a huge impact on the way that we feel, therefore making good food choices is fundamental to maintaining good levels of inner calm. 

Avoiding refined, processed or stimulating foods such as white sugar, canned food and alcohol is one of the primary ways we can avoid disrupting our equilibrium. Guzzling down a pint of fizzy caffeinated drink is really not the way to go if your looking to stay grounded! 

Try to opt for plenty of Clean Water and fresh whole food options such high quality organic food that is prepared at home, or even plant based whole food meals which will really help stabilise your energy balance throughout the day. 

What could you add or remove from your diet to help stabilise your energy levels and subsequent mood?

5. Grounding Through Your Feet

It’s so easy to take your feet for granted, despite the fact that they provides us with a firm foundation and direct means of becoming grounded — just by connecting to them! 

Did you know that a shift of attention, awareness and Connection To Our Feet for a short period of time can help release mental tension and stress? It all comes down to letting go of the mental busyness, and inviting a connected awareness to the sensory aspects of your feet (and ground beneath them!). 

We can quite literally shift the focus of energy (and intensity) from our heads, to a more calming (and supportive) connection to our feet. Take a few deep breaths as you do so. Give it a go, and watch the mental tension in our head and shoulders melt away.

Try getting into a comfortable position while soaking your feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes, and see how it Positively impacts your mental clarity. You can also try reflexology, walking barefoot on the grass, or indulging in a relaxing foot rub to induce a state of relaxed groundedness.

It’s so easy, why not create a new habit of it?

Walking meditation

6. Slowing down

As simple as it may seem, slowing the pace can have a progressively calming effect on both mind and body. A shift in the pace of your thoughts can help you settle down and more easily go with the flow of life …instead of grasping at it!

Aim to do things more efficiently by enlisting the help and support of others or prioritising the days tasks. It’ll go a long way towards allowing you to better manage our pace during life’s busier periods. 

In the end, slowing from a sprint to a more moderate pace can keep you from losing your head, and maintain a higher degree of clarity and remain in control — both of which are conducive to staying grounded.

Consider slowing down, or taking a break to support mental clarity, comfort and ease.

If you give yourself one complete minute of focused presence, to simply stop; even to listen to your heart beating, it will take you out of your head and introduce you to the moment which is complete in itself. It is not on the way to another moment. It is not a bridge to another opportunity. It is the timeless perfection. So stop and sink into this timeless moment.

~Sri Mooji

7. Grounding Meditation

Using meditation to Combat Stress And Anxiety while encouraging a stronger sense of grounding can be a highly effective approach to take. 

Aim to take a moment to let go of any mental attachment and sink into a deeper awareness of the physical, sensory and intuitive aspects of self. You don’t have to be experienced at meditation to achieve good results, you can get started with a few easy breathing or Mindfulness Exercises. Here’s one to get you started: 

  1. Place yourself into a comfortable relaxed position with your eyes closed.
  2. Start by taking a few slow deep breaths to help you settle.
  3. As you exhale, give yourself permission to let go and relax.
  4. On each out breath, relax and let go of each body part in turn. Begin at your head — moving down to your face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, torso, hips, legs, and ending with your feet. You can repeat the sequence a second or third time if you prefer. This will serve to encourage a deeper sense of relaxation in each area — always finish with the feet to support a grounding effect.
  5. Now breathe in as normal, but on the exhale, imagine the air is travelling down and out along your midline, centre of your pelvis, through each leg, and out through the soles of the feet (and beyond).

Your should now be well on your way to feeling nicely relaxed …and grounded.

I hope you’re able to use one or more of these 7 ideas to generate a good degree of groundedness through your day.



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Kelly Mckay

Kelly Mckay

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