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Integrative (BodyMind) Life Coaching

Are you interested in exploring the emotional associations behind your physical symptom? Are you feeling stuck, lost, and unsure of the direction your heading in? Are you looking for a way to discover how to build confidence, direction and purpose in your life?

Perhaps you’ve already had number of psychotherapy or psychoanalysis sessions which have helped you to come to terms with your past and better understand your habits – but now you’re looking for a short course of coaching to support a renewed perspective to help tackle present day challenges.

 ‘I absolutely love discerning what’s hiding behind symptoms or surface issues. Guiding people through a process of personal growth and insight is fantastically rewarding.’

‘I see growing in awareness as one of the most important aspects of living. It leads to more liberated and fulfilled experiences — opening us up to the best of ourselves, and of life.’

Perhaps I can be of service to you?

Kelly Mckay
(Integrative Life Coach & Osteopath)

‘She has a profound insight and understanding of life, naturally caring and compassionate and always seeking to uplift her clients and friends.’

What Is ‘BodyMind’ Coaching?

‘I’m incredibly grateful for the input, encouragement and guidance she has given me.’

BodyMind Coaching aims to specifically addresses the emotions and mindset associated with acute or chronic symptoms. It offers an integrative approach which combines a range of coaching and therapeutic skills to get to the root cause of your symptoms, to help you resolve the problems with which you are faced. I’ll support your growing understanding through this challenging time in your life. My life coaching style draws from a combination of my professional training and experience, personal growth experiences and sound ‘inner-standing‘ of what it takes to successfully cultivate wellbeing.

Professional Training:

  • Registered Osteopath
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner
  • Certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner
  • Certified Counselling Practitioner 

My background and training allow for an integrative approach that’s easily tailored to meet your needs. My two decades of experience as a practicing osteopath has provided me a wealth of experience. I have ‘felt’ the impact that stress has on our physical and physiological function. I have witnessed the relationship between mindset and emotions in a wide range of physical symptoms. I well understand BodyMind emotional mapping. My professional skillset enables me to provide a unique therapeutic and coaching service to help you along your personal journey. Learn more through my dedicated Instagram page @kellymckay121.

If your in the midst of battling chronic pain or acute ill health, and are at a loss as to what to try next (because you’ve tried most of the conventional routes already), I might be just the breath of fresh air that you need to help turn your situation around! My experience and understanding of the integral link between the body and mind may just offer you a renewed perspective. I’ve supported and witnessed amazing turnarounds. Perhaps I can support positive a change within your symptom picture? Essentially, I aim to establish a more favourable set of internal conditions, supporting improvements to wellbeing overall. You may then find that your body becomes more receptive to physical health interventions.

What Can Life Coaching Help With?

My first integrative life coaching experience was very uplifting, instead of looking down on myself for not completing certain things or not being exactly where I want to be in life, I was given realistic ways to make it a reality.’

Problems or difficulties in one area of your life can highlight limiting behaviours that can have an adverse effect on others aspects of your life. Uncovering and steadily reframing your limiting beliefs can be extremely helpful to establishing a new progressive  way forward. 

Clarifying your values,  principles and thought processes, while formulating a clear set of goals can be instrumental to your transformational journey. I’ll guide you towards a deepening understanding and clarity as you navigate your way to success.

Areas I work in:

  • BodyMind (psychosomatic) decoding
  • Physical Health & Well-being
  • Stress Management
  • Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Self Esteem
  • Personal Development
  • Wellbeing
  • Mentoring
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Depression
  • Feeling Stuck
  • Self Care

Life coaching aims to support deepening understanding and insight into your personal challenges. You’ll receive guidance as you progressively decipher the best actionable steps that you feel ready to take. Together, we’ll explore the best strategies to achieve your ambitions and contentment in your life – step by step. 

What’s Involved In The Life Coaching Process?

‘You left me with lots to think about, you have simplified my thoughts into action plans, in just one session.’

My coaching approach draws from an integrated foundation in life coaching, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and counselling techniques. This allows a coaching experience that’s able to cater to your personal requirements.

Each session takes you through a process of personal discovery, positive understanding and change.

It’s a discursive process that aims to draw insight and clarity from your past experiences. The direction and pace for progressive changes will ultimately be dictated by your personal needs and preferences. It really depends upon where you are in your life, relative to where you’d like to be – at a rate that you find comfortable. The process is also shaped by your current understanding, awareness, and a readiness for change. This might mean starting with small, yet no less significant steps.

A typical coaching package (or 6 week course) is an ideal benchmark in making the best use of our time together. This allows us to delve more deeply into the challenges that you’re facing, as you begin to integrate any new approach or  actionable steps.

Over a series of coaching sessions, you can expect to be supported through:

  • Clarifying your primary goals
  • Looking at the emotional narrative behind your pain & symptom picture
  • Making important links to past events and current behaviours
  • Renewing your perspective of past and present experiences
  • Reducing fear, anxiety & apprehension
  • Releasing burdens of blame or shame
  • Building self esteem & self confidence
  • Increasing feelings of self acceptance, contentment and emotional ease
  • Exploring the sticking points in your life
  • Identifying patterns of thinking, behaviour and habits that might be holding you back from achieving your goals
  • Exploring ways to move beyond self limiting beliefs 
  • Developing greater confidence and positive new habits that will best serve your plight for success over the long term
  • Improving your sense of motivation and focus 
  • Finding the best actionable steps to take you closer to your desired outcome
  • Discovering your life purpose

If you’re ready to:

  • Take ownership of the direction that your life is taking?
  • Become proactive in your personal advancement
  • Make new self empowered choices
  • Take the right action to reach your goals?

Together, we’ll work through the issues that stem from the difficulties of your past. My mission is to empower you, and to remind you that you absolutely have what it takes to generate positive new change for yourself.

My unique coaching style could be exactly what you need to support your forward momentum. I aim to effectively support your navigation towards fulfilling your aspirations – all within a safe and supportive space.

Take your opportunity to be coached by someone who has been through a process of personal change. I overcame much of my personal insecurities and self limiting beliefs more than 15 years ago – so I’m well placed to guide you through your process of change.

A few sessions may well be all you need to gain your momentum. The number of coaching sessions you take will ultimately be dependant upon your mindset, understanding of the issue with which you’re faced and degree of proactive ness. So, are you ready to put your best foot forward, and unleash for your full potential?

Make the desk idiom to learn how live your best life!


‘She heals, and she makes the world a better place.’

Single Sessions

£90 for 60 Minutes
£140 for 90 Minutes
£190 fo 2 hours

Single coached sessions provides you with an opportunity to make an initial connection with me and see if my coaching style is a good fit for you. It also allows you to be coached at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Alternatively, you are able to pay for block bookings (for bigger financial savings).

Free Introductory Meeting

I offer a free (no obligation!) introductory meeting, where we’ll be able to talk via phone, Skype or Zoom. There is of course no obligation to continue coaching with me following our introductory chat.

Contact via email to arrange your free introductory ‘get to know you’ session. Send your enquiry to:


Bank transfers to:

Name: Ms K Mckay
Account no.: 66241448
Sort code: 60-12-14

Please use your name as a reference and make your payment prior to your appointment.

Cancellations & Refunds
Please provide 24 hours notice of cancellation (where possible). Refunds will be given in exceptional circumstances (and at the coaches discretion). Typically, there is a no refund policy.


I am covered by most major insurance companies. However, it’s advisable that you check with your provider prior to booking.



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A Mind & Body Approach.

Kelly is a brilliant, incisive and compassionate healer. As well as being a fantastic osteopath she has an amazing ability to see the connection between thoughts, emotions and physical well-being. I always leave with my mind and spirit healed as well as my body. I cannot praise or recommend her highly enough.

‘I must say I was not sure what will be the end result, but I am now blown away! You left me with lots of things to think about, you have simplified my thoughts into action plans, just in one session. I am looking forward to our second session.’

It was really good and I learnt alot about myself (the good things about me). I’m glad I had these sessions.’