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Gain deeper insight into life coaching with these five case studies.


Life coaching, case studies.

Life Coaching: Case Studies

1. Xanthia: Musical Performer

Loosing Motivation & Drive

Xanthia has been in the process of launching her music career over the past 2 years. Although she’s been signed and working on an album with her fellow peers, it’s been a long process for her —particularly as she’s also been taking on more responsibility and working long hours in her day job. 

Lately, she’s noticed a huge dip in her enthusiasm and drive in relation to her musical commitments, and she’s become unclear as to how she can regain her motivation.

As we looked more closely at the balance of Xanthia’s paid day job, musical career and social exchanges, in relation to what she really wanted in life (and where the obstacles lay), we began to explore ways to encourage her level of motivation.

Xanthia was quickly able to prioritise what she wanted most, before coming up with some clear actionable steps that she could commit to. It wasn’t long before Xanthia was following through on her action steps, and enjoying a reconnection with what she loved most — creative musical expression. 

2. Rico: 11 Years Old

Not Recognising Achievements

Rico is an 11 year old boy. Over the last two years, he’s become actively involved in training and working as an actor. Although he has already seen a steady stream of successes through his budding career, Rico has not yet been able to fully appreciate the value of his achievements so far. Why?

As we explored his goal — to become a successful actor — we were able to make key connections between what he wanted, and what he already had.

Rico was eventually able to see that he was in fact already, well on his way towards reaching the success that he thought he didn’t yet have! 

He was able to recognise the achievements in: 

  • Being selected for the lead role in a school play (with no prior experience)
  • Being invited to join a successful agency after a short period of acting lessons 
  • Receiving callbacks for 99% of his auditions (with 100% positive feedback)
  • Landing the lead role in a commercial (despite going for the supporting role!)
  • Receiving lots of validating praise from family and friends 

Through the hour long process, we were able to uncover the low self worth that had been driving his invaliding thought process. 

Through subsequent sessions, Rico was able to easily overcome the self limiting belief through further exploring his self view — particularly in relation to his absent father.

3. Lucy: Mother Of 3

Dealing With Conflict

Lucy is a mother of three grown up children. Recently, she’s been involved in an ongoing conflict that’s triggered some of her old trauma’s and patterns of stress. She’s been reluctant to express her point of view for fear of upsetting other family members (who seem oblivious to the stress it’s causing her).

As we looked more closely at ways in which Lucy could address the conflict, it became clear that she was holding a number of self limiting thoughts that were hindering her ability to express herself clearly, without becoming defensive and emotionally charged. But what was it that Lucy was defending?

Unresolved feelings of deep insecurity, low self worth and frustration were continuing to rule her world. These were not only affecting Lucy’s current ability to calmly and openly express herself, but had been negatively impacting the majority of her close family relationships, and limiting her sense of fulfilment. 

Once Lucy was able to more clearly differentiate the elements that were repeatedly causing so much disruption, she was able to take ownership of her responsibility in resolving her inner conflict and building up her self worth. 

After guiding Lucy through a series of exercises and action steps to positively build on her self image, she was able to begin letting go of her life long negative self view. Not only was Lucy then able to start enjoying improvements in her personal relationships in more meaningful ways, she was experiencing a growing sense of fulfilment.

4. Jason: Young Entrepeneur

Finding Confidence In Walking Your Own Path

Jason has always walked his own path — one that’s been in stark contrast to the people he grew up with. He regularly found himself placed in cultural, ethnic and socio-economic scenarios that he fell outside of. He often expressed different perspectives, interests and choices to his family and friends (although he was never condemned for doing so).

Recently, he’s taken on the responsibility of moving into his first home with his long term partner. This has caused him to re-evaluate his way of seeing and doing things. Is he wrong for wanting to continue living an extraordinary life? Should he be stepping up to his responsibilities in more ‘normalised’ ways —stepping further away from adventure and spontaneity? He obviously wanted to show that he was committed to his partner and prove to himself that he could be kind of the man he thought he should be!

After some exploration as to where the incongruency in his feelings were stemming from, observing his true nature, relative to what was possible in the future, Jason was able to formulate a plan of action that honoured both who he was, as well as his commitment to the life he was building with his partner. He was able to let go of the self doubt  surrounding the way he wanted to live life.

5. Cliff: Physical Therapist

Finding Purpose

Cliff is a 52 year old physical therapist. Although he had overcome many trials and tribulations, and experienced a great deal in his life, he was still unclear as to what his gift/life purpose was.

After a long discussion surrounding his day to day experiences, his life long journey of self discovery, and the skills that he’d cultivated along the way, we were able to clearly discern what it was that he wanted to share with the world. His life perspective!

It was clear that he had accumulated a wealth of knowledge and a unique way of seeing life, and he was really excited by the prospect of sharing it with others in an authentic and meaningful way.

He left our meeting with a clear intention to write about his story, as well as committing to video logging his daily thoughts and views. Within the week, I received a snippet of Cliffs first v-log. Two days later, I received an invitation to view his YouTube channel. Cliff was now clear on his gift, and was on his way to sharing it with the world.

Disclosure notice: 

Names and other identifying features have been altered to protect the anonymity of all individuals. The above case studies have been published with the expressed permissions of all parties.




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