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Life Coaching Testimonials

Kelly’s approach looks at both mind and body simultaneously. Having suffered from terrible daily migraines for a year I can only thank Kelly for the help she has provided me. She was the only person I seeked for help who looked at the initial cause of my problem. Through a mindful approach, life coaching, physical manipulation and cranial osteopathy I am finally starting to get my life back. Kelly is the most wonderful listener with thorough advice. I highly recommend anyone give her a try.

Hazel. V (Artist)

Kelly is a highly skilled practitioner and she helped me hugely both physically and emotionally during a very difficult time. Kelly is intelligent and perceptive and her kind and affable demeanour immediately put me at ease. I still use the meditation techniques she taught me and absolutely love them!

Lola. R (carer)

‘I must say I was not sure what will be the end result, but I am now blown away!

You left me with lots of things to think about, you have simplified my thoughts into action plans, just in one session. I am looking forward to our second session.’

Nonceba. K (Business Owner)

‘I can’t recommend Kelly highly enough. I instantly felt a strong connection through her calm, spiritual and intellectual energy. I was extremely pleased when she started offering life coaching, as I personally could not have thought of or trust someone better to help me through this journey of self exploration. Kelly is a naturally kind, compassionate and incredibly grounded. She listens without bias and judgement and guides you in such a way, which allows you to open up to see some of the deepest emotions and experiences buried deep inside that you may not even knew where there! Thank you Kelly for your time and guidance, always making me feel calm,balanced and restored after speaking with you.’

Nav. G (IT/Mother)

It was really good, and I learned a lot about myself (the good things about me). I learned that I was enough even without a dad being by my side. I’m glad I had these sessions.’

Nyah. M (Aged 11)

‘She heals, and she makes the world a better place.’

Robert. B (Actor)

‘My first life coaching experience was very uplifting, instead of looking down on myself for not completing certain things or not being exactly where I want to be in life, I was given realistic ways to make it a reality.’

Soriyah. M (Singer/Songwriter)

I woke up yesterday morning with a text from an old work colleague and dear friend, Kelly McKay, telling me she was training to be a life coach, and would I like to have a coaching session! I jumped at the opportunity, I’ve been thinking of finding a coach for some time now, but nobody has ever stood out or resonated.

I worked alongside Kelly many years ago when I was in London, and always loved our chats. She has a profound insight and understanding of life, naturally caring and compassionate and always seeking to uplift her clients and friends. Kelly is a very sound person, level headed, and grounded while also being ambitious and a wonderful mother!

Having now had a coaching session with her, it only seems a natural progression, and I’m incredibly grateful for the input, encouragement and guidance she has given me.’

Johnny. T (Integrative Body Worker)


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A Mind & Body Approach.

Kelly Mckay

Kelly Mckay

Registered Osteopath & Integrative Life Coach