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Need to clear your head? Transform your commute into a powerful walking meditation. It’s pretty easy once you get going. Try this…


Walking meditation, mindful walking, grounding exercise.

Walking Meditation

Walking meditation on a morning commute

We’ve all had those times where we suddenly have a moment of clarity amidst our frantic efforts to get ‘it’ all done! Throwing our energy into a downward spiral, in an attempt to get huge amounts done in too little time!

An opportunity to turn our fate around! Well, on this particular occasion, I was able to make the shift from rush mode, to a place of grounded tranquillity.

… here’s how it happened.

Rush Mode

It was mid summer and I was beginning my day in rush mode (picking up seamlessly from the previous days ‘to do’ list). I promptly prepared a takeaway breakfast for myself and a packed lunch for my son—all with maximum efficiency and speed!

After swiftly dropping my son off at the local sports club and readying myself for the next stage of my morning commute to Upper Street Islington, I realised… I actually some time to spare! 

In that moment, I made the decision to change my pace and state of disharmony by simply slowing down. I took a long slow breath, and began walking to work slowly alongside my bicycle, allowing for a whole new set of intentions. I steadily began to let go with each step, as though the intention itself  was enough to dissolve the mounting tension.

As I continued my walk, I began to have some realisations.

Connecting To My Feet

It was a really beautiful morning—warm, sunny and still. I decided to let the beauty of the day support my intention to ground myself during my 15 minute walk. I directed a light focus towards my feet while soaking in and enjoying the soothing sensation of the sun’s rays on my face. 

I noticed the firmness of the pavement beneath my wonderfully comfy Crocs —gently massaging the soles of feet as I walked. I stayed with the increasing awareness of my growing sensory connection to my feet against the hard ground—knowing that each step held the capacity to rejuvenate further if maintained an expanding connection with them… and they did!

The Grounding Effect

As my pace began to slow, so did my mental chatter. I became more detached from  the tasks ahead of me, replaced by a growing sense of presence and groundedness.

The more I observed the ground, motion of my feet, legs and space around me, the less attached to my thoughts I  became and the more Centred And Grounded I felt. 

I was appreciate for the moment.

Renewed Appreciation

As my sense of groundedness strengthened I felt a wave of appreciation for my feet (as I realised how much I took them for granted on an almost daily basis). They played such an integral part in my sense of balance, they powerfully connected me to the earth – providing such a reliable anchor for me (when acknowledge in the right way). All I need do was to connect to them in a more meaningful way! It was so simple to me, yet so vey profound. I was pleased to re-discover the awesome power held within my feet, they were after all an integral part of me.

Today’s mindful walking meditation offered me yet another important reminder in taking responsibility for my own sense of awareness, balance and wellbeing. 

I was reminded just how much a mindful connection to my feet had the power to restore me.

Giving Back

With my connection (and renewed appreciation) for my feet replenished, I made plans to integrate these understandings into a regular practice. I intended to make use of walking with awareness (along with and other day to day activities) as an opportunity to align myself with mindful presence. To make mindful presence and expanding awareness a day to day (or even moment to moment) endeavour.

Today I was reminded that my feet hold an almost magical potential to restore, and even transport me in a multitude of ways.

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Kelly Mckay

Kelly Mckay

Registered Osteopath & Integrative Life Coach